As a natural hair blogger, I do a lot of research about natural hair and this means watching and following fellow natural hair bloggers and you can’t deny that our community uses words and terms that the ordinary person without natural hair might not understand.

In this post I will be sharing with you some natural hair jargon every natural should understand.


The big chop is what happens when are ready to begin your natural hair journey. This includes cutting your relaxed hair, in most cases, cutting most of your relaxed hair leaving you with very short hair.

South African Actress Nomzamo Mbatha recently did the big chop and she looks stunning!


A TWA is short for a ‘tiny winy afro’. You get to this stage a few months have the big chop. This stage is also called the ‘awkward length’ stage because your hair is too short to do certain hairstyles like the high puff, but it is long enough to have it in braids.

That “almost there” stage

When you’re at this stage of your hair journey, I truly believe that you are in the best place to experiment with your hair and find out what works for your hair and what doesn’t. You are in the best position to test different hair regimens and finding out what your hair loves so you can grow healthy, beautiful hair.

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This is a hair treatment you can do before you shampoo your hair. Pre-pooing is one of the most overlooked natural hair treatments, but it so important because it helps maintain the moisture in your hair during the shampooing process.

Shampooing, because of the ingredients found in most shampoos, can strip your hair of its natural oils. Pre-pooing helps you keep your natural oils during shampooing that would have been otherwise stripped away.

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Detangling is unraveling and untangling your hair. This is one of the most important natural hair practices because it can literally make your hair journey so much easier than you can imagine.

You can detangle your hair by using your finger and untangle every strand of your hair using your fingers. Many people who prefer this method prefer it because of the control they have over the pressure that is applied to their hair. Another way you can detangle your hair is by using a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush. Wide-tooth combs slide very well through our coils and make great detanglers.

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Every black sister knows exactly what “basing your scalp” means. This is when you apply oil on your scalp for different reasons. Some people base their scalp to moisturize their scalp, some people do this to relieve the itch on their scalp or simply because mama said so. Whatever the reason you choose to base your scalp, be sure to clean your scalp very often so that your epidermis does not clog and cause dandruff.

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There are obviously other terms that are used in the natural hair community, like “wash day” and rinsing”, but these 5 words are the most commonly used words and I believe every natural should know these words to feel a part of the natural hair community.

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