Why you should be using satin pillowcases and satin sleeping bonnets to take your hair and skin health to the next level!

So temperatures are dropping as Winter is fast approaching and we all know that with Winter, comes drier hair and skin. And as we are always saying,

dry hair breaks- therefore moisture and the retention thereof needs to be your new best friend during this season if it hasn’t already!

You know how seriously we take our moisture game- if you haven’t already read our last blog post! Moisture is really the beginning of thriving hair and our kinky and coily hair needs more TLC because our type of curl pattern means its more susceptible to dryness and hence breakage. So sis, it often is not that your hair isn’t growing… but rather it’s breaking just as quickly as it’s growing :/

However, there’s HOPE! There are so many ways to not just prevent breakage but get your hair to flourish and thrive by getting in more moisture as well as retaining it, very importantly! In our last blogpost, we highlighted the ultimate moisture routine for massive hair growth. Although, in order to retain the moisture you have put all that effort into getting into your hair, you’ll need to ensure you’re using the right fabrics that are not working against you and sapping your hair and skin of the vital moisture it needs!

Queue satin- our favourite material ever! Not only does satin’s texture feel absolutely luxurious and soft on your hair and skin, but it’s these same properties that eliminate the friction and resulting drying out that you get when your hair and skin rub against harsher fabrics like Cotton. Cotton is in fact a big culprit of sapping your hair and skin of its vital moisture because it has the ability to absorb moisture.

Below we highlight the benefits of using satin pillowcases and sleeping bonnets for your hair and skin:

  • Bye bye breakage! Satin does the work for you, while you get your beauty sleep- less friction on harsh material= less breakage and more length retention.
  • Prevention of hairloss due to prevention of dryness.
  • Satin not only smoothes out your hair, significantly reducing frizziness and static.
  • Longer lasting hair styles- satin easily glides on hair, which means less mess and less tangling, keeping your hair-do fresher and less ‘slept on’!
  • Smoother and softer skin and reduction of wrinkles!
  • Some people who suffer from alopecia and the side-effects of chemotherapy find that sleeping on satin keeps there hair from coming out in clumps

Need we say more? Are you convinced now to switch to satin completely??

Take advantage of our satin pillowcase combo or our satin pillowcase and sleeping cap combo with a 15% using the discount code ‘PCSBflash15’. Share your desired colour combination in the notes description box during checkout! Chose from either plain colour or pattern styles!

Happy shopping!!

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