Pre-Shampoo Treatment


Directions for use:

This is one of the best ways to add extra moisture into your hair right before your regular shampooing process, which as you know can dry out hair in the cleansing process. Our easy pre-poo process consists of 2 simple steps.

The Atara Pre-shampoo treatment process consists of: The Aloe vera gel (infused with Vitamin E, and a special bland of essential oils) and the Hot oil treatment consisting of moisturising carrier oils as well as nourishing and growth-inducing essential oils to prepare strands to flourish post-wash.

For best results, part hair in sections and apply Aloe vera gel directly to scalp with fingers, massaging the product in. Feel the refreshing coolness of the product to know it’s working. Then apply warmed up hot oil treatment (see instruction pamphlet that comes with your product for clear directions) to hair, focusing on strands- starting from ends and working way up to root. Leave in for a minimum of 30 minutes, wrapping hair to lock in heat while treatment gets to work. Thereafter, proceed normal wash routine, and observe the softness of hair thereafter.


Pre-shampooing involves applying a treatment to your hair before the actual shampoo process. This treatment contains a blend of especially moisturising and penetrating carrier and essential oils as well as herbal oils, combined with infused aloe vera gel. The combination of these has an extremely nourishing and restorative effect on hair. While incorporating a pre-poo routine might seem like more work — it’s worth the extra effort as this treatment does wonders in the end and has an extremely restorative effect on dry, tangled, and damaged hair.

Benefits of pre-shampooing include: 1) adds extra moisture to dry locks, 2) promotes softer, vibrant hair 3) makes it easier to detangle hair and 4) boosts the effectiveness of conditioner, resulting in stronger locks and less breakage.

We have put together the best pre-poo treatment ingredients in one package for the your ease and convenience and of course, for your hair’s maximal benefit! Each Pre-poo treatment thoughtfully contains enough product sufficient for one month’s supply (obviously subject to how often you wash your hair and how much hair you have).



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