Hair and Skin Wonder Oil (30ml)


Atara’s latest and most luxurious product yet, The Wonder Oil. The name says it all. Made from only the highest quality and rare ingredients in one bottle- all known to do ‘wonders’ for the scalp and skin in ways it matters most. In addition to using only the best, high-quality ingredients, you get extra value from its versatility and unique qualities that are greatly beneficial for both your scalp and skin for their maximal growth and health.


Ingredients and Directions for Use

It contains 11 of the finest and high-end oils namely: Grapeseed oil, Baobab oil, and a special elixir blend of essential oils (rose, lavender, lemongrass, vetiver, frankincense, thyme, geranium and rosehip oil).

Use the pipette to gently apply directly to sections of face, scalp and hairline. Massage in circular motions. Use as part of cleansing ritual for face and after  washes for maximal effect on skin health and hair growth. Pro-tip: use in conjunction with your jade roller and gua sha for great results!


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