This first blog post goes out to you- the beautiful, strong Queen visiting this site! Thank you for stopping by. I don’t want you to leave here without feeling more:

  • informed and empowered by the gems of relevant information and knowledge we have curated for your good and health (our blog);
  • excited about our considered high-quality products jam-packed with all the organic, researched goodness so can enjoy the results of showing up as your best, most beautiful self (our products);
  • inspired by this more-than-a-brand brand that is about more than products but principles, more than haircare but habits and selfcare.

The Art Of The Smile

As the the owner of Atara, I feel so blessed and honoured to be able to do what I do and I love nothing more than to serve, bring joy and new- found empowerment to other women. It’s amazing to be able to take all I’ve learnt about having healthy, full hair and a healthy life and share it with other so that they can have an advantage and not go through all the trouble I did to figure it all out! We as women often get told, we ‘can’t have it all’ and that we need to pick our battles and move on, or that you need to rely heavily on other people to make things happen or possible for us. Although we all know everyone could use some help from time to time, we at Atara want to make it easy and enriching to enable you to become the hero of your own story! If you’ve been craving empowerment, direction, confidence, understanding of your hair and FINALLY smashing those hair goals, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome home. Rest sis.

We Love Fashion Photography

As busy, modern women who wear many hats, life seems to only be getting more fast-paced, and as demanding as that may seem, on top of being nurturing everyone around us, we certainly still need to look after ourselves- mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. We ALL deserve to feel taken care of and beautiful no matter what. Why does it need to be complicated or seem like an illusion? The truth we will need to dedicate some time to ourselves, because after all, you are your own greatest project to work on. But let’s make it easy for you by providing you with all the tools and techniques you need, yes? Let’s source all the natural ingredients and materials straight from Mother Nature’s pantry, to help guide us to our ultimate well-being and witness amazing results from surprisingly simple guiding principles. Are you with us? Leave a comment down below of what your most burning hair and lifestyle questions are so we can help walk you through it!

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