Ultimate Moisture package


Directions for use:

Two of the best ways to add extra moisture into your hair are right before your regular shampooing process, with an easy 2-step pre-poo application and then with a night-time or morning moisturise and seal process (also known as the L.O.C moisture method).

The Atara Pre-poo Treatment consists of:

The Aloe vera gel (infused with Tea tree, Vitamin E, Rosemary and Cedarwood oil) and the Hot oil treatment consisting of moisturising carrier oils as well as nourishing and growth-inducing essential oils to prepare strands to flourish post-wash.

For best results, part hair in sections and apply Aloe vera gel directly to scalp with fingers, massaging the product in. Feel the refreshing coolness of the product to know it’s working. Then apply warmed up hot oil treatment (see instruction pamphlet that comes with your product for clear directions) to hair, focusing on strands- starting from ends and working way up to root. Leave in for a minimum of 30 minutes, wrapping hair to lock in heat while treatment gets to work. Thereafter, proceed normal wash routine, and observe the softness of hair thereafter.

The Atara L.O.C moisturising methodology combo (for both natural and relaxed hair):

L.O.C. Method Means Liquid, Oil, Cream Method. It prevents hair breakage and loss anIt is hands down the best ways to moisturise natural hair. 

It been found that for Natural Hair, the best order of application for the moisturising method should be L.O.C and for Relaxed Hair the best order of application for the moisturising method should be L.C.O (please see instructional pamphlet that comes with your combo). However, feel free to do whatever works best for you, you know your hair better than we do after all!

The Atara moisturiser combo for Relaxed Hair sisters consists of: The Leave-in conditioner, the Hair Elixir (Scalp Oil) and the Hair Sealing Oil. For best results, part hair in four to six sections (depending on volume of hair) and apply the Leave-in conditioner, followed by the Hair Elixir on each scalp section area of hair and then followed by the Hair Sealing Oil  for your hair ends as part of your night time routine as often as you can to keep hair hydrated while you sleep. With Leave-In Conditioner, it is advised to mix with a moisturising cream and focus application on the strands. With the Elixir, use sparingly and focus on your scalp (a little goes a long way in this case!) and massage leisurely.

The Atara LOC combo for Naturalistas consists of: The Hair Refresher spray (Liquid), The Hair Elixir ( Scalp Oil), the Moisture Sealing Oil and the pure Shea Butter (Cream). For best results, part hair in sections and employ the LOC order of products with each section of hair as part of your night time routine as often as you can to keep hair hydrated while you sleep. Volumes depend on hair type. With Refresher Spray, focus on the scalp and the strands; with the Elixir use sparingly and focus on the scalp (a little goes a long way in this case!): for the Sealing Oil, focus on the ends then slowly work way up hair strands and; with the Shea Butter, feel free to mix with Olive oil or Avocado oil for stretching and ease of application.



The truth is, what really transforms our hair is not just one thing but the combination of things! Atara has done all the hard work of figuring this out so that you don’t have to. Our hair needs moisture and nourishing oils to not just survive but thrive.

The ultimate moisture package is especially put together to add that much needed moisture into our curly, coily strands but also provide you with the most value for money! This amazing package consists of the Atara pre-poo treatment and then either our natural or relaxed hair combo, depending on which you are. With this, you get the supreme moisturising care available at a 20% discount of the cost of the individual combos combined.


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