Scalp Elixir/ Hair growth oil


‘Elixir’ means ‘magical or medicinal potion’. This is a hair growth potion of a blend of the finest carrier and essential oils known to invigorate and treat the scalp and hence, promote hair growth.

**Please note that this best-seller has changed size and pricing for your usage considerations. It is now 10ml not 30mls**

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Ingredients and Directions for use

Grapeseed oil, Castor oil, Hempseed oil, Amla oil, and a proprietary mix of essential oils. The oil is designed to be focused on the scalp, for growth and the a bit on the ends, for length retention. This is the type of oil where a little goes a long way- which is in the design of the bottle as well that comes with a pipette that allows you to distribute drops all over your scalp, working in the product with a good self-loving head massage!


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