The Power of Natural oils

If there’s one thing we always emphasise and preach about at Atara, it’s the absolute MAGIC of oils! We strongly believe you cannot achieve your hair’s full health, growth and potential all together without oils.

Do not discount their power. Whether you are discussing essential or carrier, natural oils bring numerous benefits to our bodies and strands. Essential oils are used extensively in aromatherapy while some are even used by traditional medicinal systems. Carrier oils or base oils are often filled with essential fatty acids that aid in cleaning, skincare, hair care, massage, and even cooking. They are quite often used to dilute the potent essential oils, as they are extremely concentrated. Both carrier and essential oils are revered for their cleansing, aid in moisturising, sealing and healing either together or separately.

So what is a moisturising oil and what is a sealing oil? And then, what is the difference between them? In a nutshell, they are both oils but some will penetrate the hair shaft and induce moisture while others will seal the moisture that is already there.

Now, in general oils alone are not moisturisers but there are a few oils that will penetrate the hair shaft and soften the hair from within. So, some oils moisturise and soak the hair while others merely seal and coat the hair.

Thus logically, you want to have the moisturising oils at the beginning of your hair routine, for instance, in the Pre-poo treatment or the earlier steps of the L.O.C moisture method (for Natural or Relaxed hair) such a the liquid/ leave-in and oil steps. This is exactly how we have designed our combos at Atara, of course.

Does this clear things up and make it easier? We have made is even easier for you in this below summary card we created, just for you to be able to have a save to look out anytime! Please do us a favour and pin it on your Pinterest board for us so we can spread the love 😉

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