Journal prompts and reflections for a new month…

Happy new month!!

Every new month, week, day is a fresh start… observe and embrace it.

Our prayer for each one of our Atara family members is that of peace, harmony and also clarity, direction and boldness to walk in God’s purpose for their lives no matter the challenges!

Here are some March journal prompts we put together, just for you…

On Sunday evening, an IGTV video was posted on the @_atarabeauty Instagram page by yours truly to end off the #ataraselfcarechallenge for February. But as I mentioned, selflove doesn’t end with a simple challenge! Challenges just help us become aware of something so we can make it a daily habit. We hope the #ataraselfcarechallenge did that for you!!

I have gotten some great feedback about how some of the points resonated with members of the Atara community. Let me know if it was helpful to you, what your main takeaways were and whether you would like to receive more content like this in the future?
 On the cover of the IGTV was this message as a reminder shop small and that when you support local/ small business to not only support a big dream, but you are VOTING (with your wallet) for a brighter future in South Africa’s economy! YES, it’s THAT big a deal….
 Remember to watch this video right here as food for thought!
And, if you want to support the ‘big dream’ and VOTE small, here is where you can start: 😉
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